The TETRAD Project

Causal Models and Statistical Data

Download the latest TETRAD release!

Launch Tetrad 5.0.0-3*

*An a lternative way of launching Tetrad, If the above doesn't work, is to download the Tetrad jar by clicking tetrad-5.0.0-3.jar and launch Tetrad from the command line using the command 'java -jar tetrad-5.0.0-1.jar' in the same directory that as the jar you downloaded.

Software Requirements

You must have Jave Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher installed on your computer. (The full SDK will, of course, do as well.) Instructions for downloading and latest Java JRE can be found at this link:

Latest Java JRE

Tetrad IV uses Java Web Start to launch. If you install JRE 1.6 or higher on a Windows or Linux machine, Java Web Start will be installed for you automatically. On a 64 bit Mac, JRE 1.6 is available though system update.

Download Instructions

You should be able to launch any Tetrad file by clicking on the link, unless Java didn't set up your browser correctly. Once you've downloaded and launched the version you want using Java Web Start, you do not need to download it again. You can:


To report bugs or suggest improvements, please post a message on the following Google group: