Rudolf Carnap (1891-1970) was one of the leading philosophers of the 20th Century.  After studying physics and philosophy in Germany, Carnap taught philosophy in Vienna, Prague, and--after emigrating to the United States in 1935--at the University of Chicago and U.C.L.A.  His contributions to philosophy of science, semantics, logic and probability theory helped define the major philosophical problems of the 20th Century and set unprecedented standards for approaching them with clarity and rigor.

The Collected Works of Rudolf Carnap (CWRC) will be the first complete edition of  Carnap's published philosophical writings.  It will be published by the Open Court Publishing Company under the General Editorship of Professor Richard Creath and an editorial board including leading philosophers, logicians and mathematicians.  Plans formulated in 2002 call for 14 volumes containing Carnap's philosophical writings and his autobiography.