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IntroductionProof Display

Proof Display

The ProofDisplay is a rich graphical interface used to to interact with AProS. In the ProofDisplay one can view both the resulting proof and each step in the search in a number of formats. A demonstration version of the ProofDisplay can be accessed from the link below.

Software Requirements

To run ProofDisplay you must have the Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 or higher intalled on your computer (The full JDK 1.5.0 of course will do as well). You can download the 1.5.0 JRE from Sun at:

JRE 1.5.0 Download

Note that ProofDisplay uses Java Web Start to launch. If you install JRE 1.5 Web Start will be automatically installed for you.

Java Web Start Download

If you have JRE 1.5 installed correctly, with Web Start (see above), you can launch ProofDisplay by clicking one of the following link:

To launch the most recent demo version of ProofDisplay click: Launch ProofDisplay - Version

If you want to launch ProofDisplay again, you can come back to this link and click it again, or you can launch through the Java Web Start console. If you prefer, you can use Java Web Start to make shortcuts on your desktop to launch ProofDisplay. Whichever method you use, if you are connected to the net, the latest version of ProofDisplay will be downloaded and launched for you automatically.

Full Version

The above link is for a demonstration version of ProofDisplay that has a number of features disabled. The full unrestricted version can be obtained by contacting the project's director.


To report bugs and suggest possible improvements, please use the AProS bug submission page.