The TETRAD Project

Causal Models and Statistical Data

Download the latest TETRAD release!

JNLP: Tetrad 5.3.0

Jar: Tetrad 5.3.0 (6/13/2016 Version 1)

Watch Video Tutorials from the 2016 Center for Causal Discovery Summer Short Course, which contain several hours of tutorials on the basics of causal graphical models, featuring a hands on introduction to TETRAD.

INSTRUCTIONS: If you download the jnlp version - then when you click on the icon you downloaded - your machine will connect to the Tetrad server and check to see if it is the "latest" version available - if it is, or if you can't connect, then it will just run the version you downloaded. If there is a more recent version, with a bug fix, for example, then your machine will download and open it automatically. Webstart does not work with all Windows configurations, it seems to be reliable for Mac. Alternatively, you can download the Jar version - which is simply an executable file that will run upon double clicking - but it will NOT check and update to the most recent version. You will have to manually go back to the Tetrad website and download a new JAR file.

Please read below for further instructions.

We are now using a Maven publication method. If you'd like to launch a jar with a version number prior to 5.3.0, here are the old Web Start directory and the old downloads directory. Starting with version 5.3.0, these will be moved. From 5.3.0 on, here is the new downloads directory.

If you'd like to launch the previous build, click here:

Launch Tetrad 5.2.1-3

Please note that macs ignore digital signatures other than those generated by Apple. You will be told the application cannot be launched. If you go to System Preferences-->Security and Privacy and click "Open anyway" it will open.

For Linux, we are told that Tetrad now runs without a hitch under OpenJDK, so you should not have a problem so long as you are up to date with OpenJDK.

Details may change due to changes in platforms.

Software Requirements

You must have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. (The full SDK (JDK) will do as well.) Instructions for downloading and latest Java JRE can be found at this link:

Latest Java JRE


Tetrad is an open source project; the code for it may be viewed, forked, and cloned at


To report bugs or make suggestions, please go to to issue tracker for the GitHub project for Tetrad, create a new issue, and assign an appropriate label to it (bug, enhancement, question, help wanted). The issue tracker is here:

If you don't already have a GitHub account, you will need to create one.