First Year Report: Executive Summary

Full Report


(1) "Genome Wide Analysis of the Endothelial Transcriptome Under Short-Term Chronic Hypoxia". [abstract]

(2) "Identifying genes altered by a drug in temporal microarray data: A case study." Winnder, American Statistical Association 2003 Biopharm Student Paper Competition Award. [pdf]

(3) Influence of age, sex, and strength training on human muscle gene expression determined by microarray [abstract]

(4) Experiments on Accuracy of Algorithms for Inferring Structure of Regulatory Networks [pdf]

(5) Learning from SAGE Data [pdf]

(6) Analysis of Microarray Data for Treated Fat Cells [pdf]

Computational Systems Biology Group

Grant Support:

This work is supported by NASA Ames Cooperative Agreements NCC2-1227 ("Automated Discovery Procedures for Gene Expression and Regulation from Microarray and SAGE Data.") and NCC 2-1295 ("Multi-Domain Network Learning Algorithms of Latent Variable Interpretation and Discovering Genetic Regulation).

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Thanks to the Insitute for Systems Biology, Seattle, Washington.

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This site was put together by Joseph Ramsey ( with help from nearly everyone in the group.