Causality Lab
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Causality Lab 4.3 6.56 MB
In this version of the lab, the Instructor may set a "cost" for collecting data points, and limit the total resources students may spend on collecting data. The lab will keep track of a student's remaining resources, and inform the student of how much each experiment will cost.

Tutorial movies
Introduction (06/04/04) 1.9 MB
Overview of the causality lab.
Running time: 7:07 min

Creating hypotheses (06/14/04) 1.1 MB
How to create causal models in the causality lab.

Creating experiments (05/06/04) 1 MB
How to create experimental setups in the causality lab.

The Causality Lab was developed with the generous support of the James S. McDonnell Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.